Monday, October 19, 2009

A Round of Applause for Mommy

The little things in life are the things I am growing to love more and more each day that I am a wife and a mother. The little sleeping angel in the room across the house has taught me so much in her short time on this earth. Watching her eyes light up when she finds a toy in Mommy's purse to play with or the laughter that comes from her carseat when she catches glimpse of herself in the mirror, and knowing that those little moments are the highlight of her day. Seeing how happy she is about the smallest things has taught me so much. I used to be and probably to most, I still am very high maintenance, but I would like to think that my maintenance level has dropped since most of my energy has been refocused on a pair of sweet little blue eyes making sure they light up at least 50 times a day! Those moments are the moments that make me happy...

My sweet baby clapping when I walk in her room in the morning, that makes me happy.

Looking in the floor and seeing the entire contents of my purse spread all around her, that makes me happy.

Going on a date with my husband, that makes me happy.

Getting all bundled up and walking through the shops at the Fall Festival, that makes me happy.

Rocking that little girl to sleep, that makes me happy.

Cleaning banana mush off of little tiny hands, that makes me happy.

My husband helping with my coat and opening my car door for me, that makes me happy.

A hand-written thank you card in the mail, a walk in the park, autumn leaves falling on my car, a good book, a sweet comment on Facebook, a new page in Layla's scrapbook, a successful arts and crafts project, a yummy batch of cupcakes, a big bowl of chili, a successful week at Weight Watchers, a trip to Target, an experimental dinner that turns out to be delicious, a night with family, holding the door open for someone coming in behind me, sweet potatoes, a neatly made bed, Glee... These things all make me happy.

But what makes me happiest is my little family... my husband who never gives up on me, and my Layla who has no idea that I'm not perfect.

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